What credit cards?

Operating system of credit cards in a manner deferred payment, meaning that when Achtrak a product or service through which, it really is not you who does pay for the product or service, but the bank or company that issued you the card to do this for you, to pay him the value after a month. In case you are behind with payments will add interest on the amount imposed 

What benefit the bank or issuing company of the card from my use of it? 

Monthly or annual subscription, or fiscal balance deposited in the bank in case you are from major customers were provided with the card for free. As well as monthly or annual subscription of dealer himself used to pay your credit card payment system, in addition to the commission to be taken from him for every process of paying by card 

It also takes advantage of a very important point, namely that if you are behind on payments on time, the amount increased by certain you all are behind increased 

Example of the usefulness of the first: I bought goods worth SR 1000, and paid by your credit card. Will the bank or card issuer to repay you, to pay the full amount after one month from the date of purchase. Indeed, the bank or the issuing company for your card that does not pay the 1000 Real Full dealer, but cut them a certain percentage ranging between 2 to 10 percent, according to the agreement take them to him and shared with the financial institution Her system card (MasterCard or Visa card or other). So it all Mazad your use of the card the greater the income of the bank or company issuing the card, as opposed to if you paid (Cash), do not get the bank or the company any commission from the merchant! 

Example of the usefulness of the second: I bought goods worth SR 1000, and paid by your credit card. Will the bank or card issuer to repay you, to pay the full amount after one month from the date of purchase. If you do not pay the full amount, and you want to pay in installments, the bank more than a certain percentage if the amount to be 7% to increase the amount of the 1000 SR to 1070 SR for example. Which is seen by many as the Lord, and therefore, Al Rajhi Bank puts the commodity in the middle to avoid the subject goods in kind! And the Bank of the Samba in the same way now by what he called the credit card good 

Malvrq between the card and credit card Credit Card Prepaid Debit Card or sometimes called Pre paid Card? 

With the spread of a culture of electronic commerce, and online purchases, view financial institutions and companies owner of these systems need to provide an opportunity for those who can not get credit cards because of lack of competence (financially) that they have to buy like other holders of credit cards. It will also will not be exclusively for them, and even credit card holders may not prefer to pay by card over the Internet because of fear of theft of information and hence will be used 

It was here the so-called prepaid cards or Debit Cards Pre paid Cards 

The difference between them and the credit cards that you use this card you are paid directly and immediately without delay for what they buy and not the bank or the card issuing company does that for you. For this you need to add the amount you wish to pay by card to card account first before payment 

Examples of prepaid cards in circulation we have a lot in the Arab world: 

- Aramex card called: Web Surfer Master Card. A card issued by a company based in based in Lebanon, and called: credit card services company, and shortened CSC 

- Card and National Bank of Saudi MasterCard prepaid 

- Card and MasterCard prepaid cards with its cashU and issued by the National Bank in Jordan 

Can be considered as prepaid cards these cards, ATM, but it works on an international scale 

The concept of payment through the Internet 

There are three ways in circulation to pay over the Internet by sites: 

- Payment by sending a registered bank checks - Payment by sending a bank transfer from your bank account to bank account location - Payment by what they call a money order, any amount you put cash in the envelope and send it to the beneficiary - Cash on delivery, which Echtsrunh b COD, stands for Cash On Delivery, means Cash On Delivery 

But the means of payment only shared by all non-Arab sites, which are the most commonly used, flexible, and love for both parties, the trader and the buyer, method of payment by credit cards or prepaid cards 

Is it different from the site to be a prepaid card or credit? 


I've got a prepaid card or credit, but was rejected by the site, why? 

It should be credit cards or prepaid that is universally accepted as long as a bearing slogans Visa or Master Card. But on the Internet, it is different. Where some of the payment systems through the Internet put certain limits on the admission of the cards, so for example, does not accept any card from outside the United States if the U.S. merchant, and does not accept any card exported from outside the UK if the British merchant , and so on .. This is to reduce the possibility of counterfeit or stolen cards 

You have to buy from one of the sites, and I think it had withdrawn the money, but told me later that he could not accept the card, what does that mean? 

Most sites have the payment system has accepted your card without a problem, and works immediately to withdraw the required amount. But the policy of the site itself states that does not accept payment by credit card or prepaid exporter from the region where you live. Can not be the site modification in the payment system, which has so often does not accept the card from the areas that do not want, because it comes in the form of packages and deals with the development of competent institutions 

What happens after that that he would not benefit me the site can not complete my order? 

Will cancel its claim to access to money, and it remains pending in your account for a period of 15 days to a month (depending on the card) and then return to you. You can expedite the application to access it from the site to send a fax to an official of the issuer of your card (whether a bank or company) informing them that he does not want this amount of suspense, and emphasizes the lack of demand by not now, not later 

I often hear the subject of Shipping Address Shipping address and billing address Billing Address, What do mean? 

This point, sensitive and very important when you buy from the Internet, and you need to fully understand in order to handle a flexible and clear from you and the merchant 

What is the shipping address: Is the address that you enter when you request to purchase to be shipped as requested by the 

What is the payment address: Profile is your address, and you are recording the time of your application for a card from the bank or issuing company to them. And asking you now all the sites in case you want to use card payment credit card or prepaid 

In the nineties, the more credit card theft on the Internet, many people become their request goods by credit cards or prepaid cards do not concern them to be shipping to their address are 

This site started now apply the policy condition match the headings, as follows: 

Got a Visa card from the National Bank, and when you register and put my address profile in Saudi Arabia. Then asked one of the sites you want certain goods and shipped to a PO Box in America 

The site will see that the payment address in Saudi Arabia, while shipping is required to America, and this may doubt that I am a U.S. citizen stole a card people in Saudi Arabia for use in his favor, and thus will cancel the request 

While in the case made the shipping address to Saudi Arabia as well, which is exactly the same payment address, it asserts, therefore, that the goods will reach the card holder or a problem with it, or fear 

Well, what if you want to buy a gift to a friend of mine shipped to different address for my address? 

Not ignore sites like this, so they are following in the event of such a command: 

1 - requires you to relate to the company or issuing bank for the card and tell them you want to add the address of the friend to your address listed with the main card and a temporary period only until the end of an application with the site 2 - will the site to contact the bank or the issuer of the card and ask them about whether the card (which is you) has added the address of the friend who is different from the address in the register of the card or not 3 - the bank or company will confirm the site of the fact that 4 - The implementation of your site 

The problem is it only the sites and U.S. banks give you the opportunity to do such a thing due to the proliferation issue, accustomed by everyone, buyers and sites, companies or banks issuing the cards 

Why is my card declined sometimes, and sometimes to be admitted? 

To answer such a question may be impossible. Only that I may say that the refusal of the card are either due to malfunction or pressure in the system which passes then your payment rejected, but accepted later in the system is not under pressure or by the failure 

Or may not accept your card from the system, but rejected by the merchant's site for some reason, they exported from outside America, as I mentioned earlier 

How is the process to validate card information? 

Now that credit cards do not contain information on the number and the name and the expiry date just as it was in the past. But now contains a so-called "payment address" as mentioned above. The process of verifying the authenticity of information as follows: 

1 - The payment system itself by matching the information you entered the information registered with the Information Center Pmastr your card if the card is MasterCard or Visa card if the card Visa Card 2 - If the match information, will accept the card unless other terms are included in the system such that the card is issued by a particular area, or start with numbers given, or to match the place of issuance with the place of the IP number of your own, and other conditions 3 - After accepting the card, comes the task of the merchant's website to check the payment address and its conformity with the shipping address. To do that will call the phone number you put in the payment address to talk to the company or the bank that issued your card, and asked if the shipping address of this entry in the file card or not 4 - If told by the bank or the health of the company's shipping address and it is already listed in the file card, will accept the request. In the event has been informed of the contrary will reject the request

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